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Why Establishing A Sales Pipeline is Important

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By not implementing a sales pipeline, you run the risk of a sales rep acting in a way that could potentially conflict with their co-workers, company policy, or result in dissatisfied customers. With a systemized approach, you can refine your process to increase conversion rates and revenue. Establishing a sales pipeline also makes it easier to train new staff on how they can succeed in their position.

What to do before building a sales pipeline – The first step before building a sales pipeline is to get crystal clear on whom you want in that pipeline. This will have a significant impact on every stage of the pipeline, but most dramatically on your lead generation phase.

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Consider the following:

Whom are you trying to sell to?
Who has been buying?
What problems do you solve for your customers?
Why do they buy from you instead of your competitors?
Where do you reach them (online, TV, radio, etc.)?
Use the answers to these questions to create buyer personas that represent your customers. Start with just one buyer persona focused on your No. 1 customer. What motivates that person to buy from you?

Key takeaway: Develop a buyer persona for your most important customer. Consider this individual’s ideal experience when building your sales pipeline.

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