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Acquire New Skills and Competencies

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During 2020, the dynamics of society changed due to the Covid-19 , mobility restrictions, the limited number of people who can live together in a single space, and security protocols have transformed the world we live in. We had to learn to create different routines remotely and from home, these challenges opened new opportunities to drive an evolution and transformation where the digital world predominates.

Among the main sectors that had a 180-degree change and accelerated digitization, is education, which went from being mainly face-to-face to a totally virtual one. The infrastructure of educational institutions has been reduced to a screen and the room of each of the students , where technology must be at the service of learning.

Digital education platforms have gained ground year after year, in addition to being a global trend, it is an increasingly affordable reality for Latin Americans. It is not a utopia that the student can have control of his training process and attend classes with students from anywhere in the world. While the old educational structures become unviable, solutions emerge that build the future of education, facing inequality and the educational gap, opening options for more and more people to benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital world.

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