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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Serial Entrepreneur?

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In today’s business climate, serial entrepreneurship is becoming way more common than it was just 5 years ago. However, the difficulties with handling more than one business or with starting afresh repeatedly haven’t waned at all. 

To some, serial Entrepreneurship is a child of necessity, but to another group, it is the only reasonable satisfaction for their ever dreaming hearts and idea-generating minds. Many have risen and many have died on this mountain. 

If you do find yourself like me in the second category of people, this article is meant to give some guidance as to how to navigate the tricky plane of bussines idea. This article contains insights from myself and James Khuri,  CEO of Khuri Enterprises and Holdings, a friend and one of the most successful veteran serial entrepreneurs I know. James has business interests in Real Estate and E-Commerce and has started 9 distinct successful businesses.

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